Q: Can delivery address be different from the billing address?

A: Yes, that can be different. You can leave your shipping address when you place the order. We will ship the order to that address.

Q: How can I cancel an order?

A: If you do not want the order, you must contact us within 12 hours after the payment completed. So that we can cancel it before shipped out.

Q: The order process was interrupted. What happens now?

A: If your payment is completed but haven't received any confirmation from us by email, please contact us as soon as possible. (Please check your statement to confirm if the payment is completed.) If your order does not go through, you can go back to reorder. The previous orders will be invalid automatically.

Q: My card was not accepted as a payment method, although it is issued under one of the above mentioned international organizations. Why?

A: Reasons for a rejection can be as following:
-Insufficient funds - it is necessary to recharge your account.
-Your card is on a "blacklist" -it is reported as being stolen, lost or blocked by the cardholder.
-Card issuer doesn't authorize eCommerce transactions - issuing bank must be contacted and requested to activate this service. Of course, it also depends on the card type, because there are some banks which do not allow this kind of transaction. In this situation, you can try with another card again.
-The card issuing bank could not be contacted and the defined "stand-in" limits do not allow eCommerce transactions or there is a specific maximum value of the transaction. You have to call support line of your bank with the phone numbers printed on the back of your credit/debit card.
Your card issuing bank is the only place where realistic information regarding the transaction incident can be found.

Q: Will my credit card details are kept on the website?

A: No! The Credit Card as the third party company who processes the transaction, it can ensure no other ones can access to any of your card information with the latest technologies available. For cards issued under other organizations, this information is encrypted using proprietary encryption algorithms, and stored on environments without any online or remote access. Information is kept only for the time needed in case the cardholder requests a chargeback.

Q: Do I have to pay Tax?

A: No, we mark all packages as gift / sample so that clients do not need to pay for it. In the unlikely event that you are required to pay, you can provide the receipt of the tax invoice to our customer service. Then we will solve it for you.
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